Rajon Rondo proves to be a superstar

After the loss of game 1 Rajon Rondo said that he and his teammates would have to match the toughness of the Miami Heat or be even more physical to tie the series before going back to Boston. Rajon Rondo is not known as a scoring point guard by the least. Rondo has made his fame off of his vision, his ability to help his teammates get easy shots, and his ability to penetrate through defenses. Yesterday Rondo became a mixture of Jason Kidd and Derrick Rose. Rondo was going to the rim, getting to the free throw line, and shooting mid-range jumpers for 44 points. Although he put on a shooting clinic he also had 10 assists and 8 rebounds, he did everything he could to get his team a win but the fact that Paul Pierce fouled out really lost the game for Boston.

Rondo is the first Boston Celtic to score 40+ points and dish out 10 assist in a playoff game in the history of the legendary organization. If they gave an MVP trophy for the playoffs Rajon Rondo would easily win it, he has already ha 3 triple-doubles in this post-season to go along with his historic performance last night. Rondo’s performance last night was probably the best performance in a playoff lost since Michael Jordan had the most points ever scored in a playoff game with 63 points in a loss to Larry Bird‘s Boston Celtics in 1986. It is amazing how through the entire season almost there was speculation of the Celtics trying to trade Rajon Rondo, now after the season he has had I would be shocked if Boston didn’t sign him to a deal similar to Derrick Rose’s $95,000,000 for 5 years.


2 thoughts on “Rajon Rondo proves to be a superstar

    1. They could have and more than likely would have won last night if Paul Pierce hadn’t fouled out. There is no doubt Miami is the superior team but with the effort and determination Rondo played with last night he deserved a win and it’s kind of sad that he didn’t get that win, now they might get swept

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