Is streaming music the future of the music industry?

Whenever I am about to listen to something new I go to GrooveShark or YouTube and sample the music. Whenever I buy music I use iTunes and iTunes is a great way to buy music but I hate that they do not save the music I purchased to my account. If labels and streaming websites can collaborate so that artists can get paid off of the streams. For example, Spotify pays artists like $10 after every 100,000 streams; now of course they should get paid more frequently than 100,000 streams.

I believe these streaming sites will be the future of the music industry unless iTunes saves the music purchased on their customers account because my I have gone through 3 computers since having an iTunes account and I am not ashamed to admit I did not buy the same albums more than once and I forgot to back my music up so I went to sites like MediaFire to rebuild my music library. The thing that these streaming sites are doing is they’re allowing listeners to “sample”an unlimited amount of music and these sites will be the future unless iTunes allows listeners to sample an entire album before purchase along with saving the purchase on the listeners account.


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