Playoffs Predictions

FINALLY! The NBA playoffs begin this weekend and it is prediction time. I am just going to break down the first round.

Let’s begin with the Western Conference, I have the San Antonio Spurs sending the young Utah Jazz home in 6 high scoring games. Next, I have the Oklahoma City Thunder crumbling the Dallas Mavericks‘ dreams of a second championship run in a 5 game series. Then, I have the Memphis Grizzlies trampling all over the Los Angeles Clippers‘ premature championship hopes within 5 games. To cap off round one of the Western Conference playoffs I have the Los Angeles Lakers beating out the Denver Nuggets in a hard fought 7 game battle of series.

Now to the Eastern Conference, I have the Chicago Bulls knocking the Philadelphia 76ers out in a very one sided 5 game series. Next, I have the New York Knicks upsetting the Miami Heat in a long and epic 7 game series. Then, I have the Indiana Pacers just bum-rushing the decrepit, Dwight-less Orlando Magic in a 4 game sweep. My final prediction of the first round is the Boston Celtics defeating the Atlanta Hawks in a 6 game bore of a series.


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