Should Bulls fans start worrying about Derrick Rose and his various injuries?

The Chicago Bulls by far have the most worrisome fan base in the NBA. Derrick Rose has had a very injury plagued season and now everyone is comparing him to injury prone point guards such as: Allen Iverson, Penny Hardaway, and Steve Francis. In this shortened season with no training camp and only a two game preseason every team has been plagued with injuries. This Bulls team is deep at every position and they are now 16-7 without Derrick Rose but that does not mean the fans should not be worried. I mentioned that every team has suffered through injuries this season but NO team has lost their best player and last years MVP for 23 games to four different injuries.

First Derrick Rose developed turf toe and missed 7 games then he had back spasms and missed 3 games, then after the All-Star break he strained his groin and missed 12 games, now he has a minor ankle sprain and after missing game against the New York Knicks on April 10th he is scheduled to return April 12th against the Miami Heat. As a Chicago Bulls fan I am worried about how healthy Derrick Rose can be in the postseason but I am far from being scared. I honestly believe if the postseason started today and the Bulls had to play the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round they could easily rest Derrick Rose and win that series in 6 games; if that.

Bulls fans should worry that one of Derrick Rose’s injures might flare up again but they should not WANT him to sit down longer than he has already. We saw on April 8th in Madison Square Garden how rusty Rose was and that might have very well been the reason the Bulls loss that game. In this shortened season rhythm and momentum is going to be key in the playoffs. Richard Hamilton is gaining some rhythm and barring no injury he should be a BIG help for this Bulls team in the playoffs. So, it is important that when Derrick Rose returns he gains rhythm and momentum for the playoffs otherwise he will be getting a long off-season of rest.

I look at the Miami Heat and how they are struggling with chemistry and consistency. I would much rather go through what they Bulls are going through because last year the main criticism of the Bulls were they had no secondary scoring outside of Derrick Rose on a consistent basis but now this Bulls team has gone 23 games without Derrick Rose and 36 games without Richard Hamilton and they still have the best record in the association. This means the Bulls have developed confidence in their scoring without leaning on Derrick Rose or the guy they initially signed to give them secondary scoring. If the Bulls can incorporate what they are doing without Derrick Rose to what they do with Derrick Rose would get the Bulls to the championship with no hesitation.


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