Top 5 Current Point Guards

The point guard is by far the most evolved postion in basketball. The differences between Jerry West and Magic Johnson and Derrick Rose are undeniable. In today’s game the point guard position is the most dominate position. The only elite shooting guards are Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony are the only elite small forwards. The center position is solely dominated by Dwight Howard. The power forward position; a lot like the point guard position, has a lot competition to determine who is the best from Kevin Love to Dirk Nowitzki to Chris Bosh to LaMarcus Aldridge to Blake Griffin and so on and so on.

Derrick Rose has probably dominated the point guard position the most since Magic Johnson in the 1980s. Derrick Rose in just four years as been the Rookie of the Year, the league youngest Most Valuable Player, and led his Chicago Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since the departure of Michael Jordan. Derrick Rose’s ability to will his way to the rim is incomparable. He’s the fastest player from baseline to baseline while dribbling the ball. Derrick adding the long-ball to his game has made him virtually impossible to stop.



Chris Paul is the perfect combination of the classic “pass first” point guard and the modern point guard who can penetrate defenses and take over the games with their scoring. Just last year Chris Paul led the decrepit New Orleans Hornets to the playoffs and willed them to two victories over the then reigning champion Los Angeles Lakers. Last year the Los Angeles Clippers had a record of 32-50 and after the addition of Chris Paul they are 31-21 at the midway point of this shortened 66 game season. Few point guards have the play-making abilities or the vision of Chris Paul


Deron Williams; like Chris Paul, is a combination of the classic “pass first” point guard and the modern point guard who can penetrate defenses and take over games with their scoring. Deron Williams has is probably the best shooting point guard in the league from the mid-range jumper to the 3-pointer. Deron Williams often gets over looked due to his pathetic supporting cast on the New Jersey Nets. If Deron Williams ends up in Dallas with Dirk Nowitzki they will give Oklahoma City a run for their money in the Western Conference Finals.



Rajon Rondo is the classic “pass first” point guard. No one in the NBA has as good of a basketball I.Q. or a vision of the court as Rajon Rondo. As the Boston Celtics‘ “Big Three” continue to age Rajon Rondo has become their fountain of youth. Rondo is able to get them the ball and make the game easier for his teammates. This season Rondo has had a league high 5 triple-double. His speed and his ability to penetrate defenses cancel out his disability to score from outside of the paint. If Rajon Rondo develops a jump shot he can easily be considered the best point guard in the league.



Russell Westbrook is the epitome of the “shoot-first” point guard. He averages 5 assists a game yet he’s one of the top 5 scorers in the NBA. Russell Westbrook biggest downfall is he has no patience and as a point guard that is a necessity. At 6’4″ Russell Westbrook could easily be a shooting guard and on the Oklahoma City Thunder he often plays both position since James Harden comes off the bench.Westbrook cannot penetrate defenses with as much ease as Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo but since he’s a bigger point guard he’s less fragile and his able to take more contact.




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