NBA Most Valuable Player

LeBron James has been a favorite to win his third MVP all season because he has average 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists all season. LeBron is easily having his best season statistically. I personally disqualify LeBron from the MVP because his statistics are magnified due to who he is playing with. When LeBron won two back-to-back MVPs in Cleveland he was the Most Valuable Player in the league because if you took his off of the Cleveland Cavaliers they went from championship contenders to mediocre. If you take LeBron off of the Miami Heat they are not as dominant but they are still championship contenders.

Kobe Bryant is by far the most valuable on his team and has been for about 8 years. Kobe is leading the league in scoring and if you took him off of the Los Angeles Lakers they might not make the playoffs. With that said I do not believe Kobe is the Most Valuable Player in the NBA either. If I had a vote I would choose Kevin Durant as they MVP. Not only is Durant the just tenths of points behind Kobe from leading the league in scoring but he has his Oklahoma City Thunder at the top of the Western Conference. After two sensational years from Durant he has came into this season with adding passing and rebounding to his arsenal.

Kevin Durant already won All-Star MVP this season and he is on pace of receiving his first league MVP. After defeating the Miami Heat last night (March 25th, 2012) I believe Durant really made people open their eyes to Kevin Durant and the reasons he deserves to win this award as he outplayed his counterpart; LeBron James, by scoring 28 points, grabbing 9 rebounds, and dishing out 8 assists.


2 thoughts on “NBA Most Valuable Player

    1. No doubt Kevin love is playing out of his mind, but I don’t believe you can be considered MVP if your team doesn’t make the playoffs.

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