NBA Coach of the Year

Gregg Popovich is a favorite to win the Coach of the Year following the 2011-2012 season because his team (the San Antonio Spurs) are in second place in the Western Conference despite Manu Ginobili suffering from two injuries this season. The San Antonio Spurs probably have the oldest core in the NBA and coach Gregg Popovich realizes that they need that core for the post-season and Popovich does not hesitate to give Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, or Manu Ginobili a game off here and there to rest their legs.

If I had a vote I would choose Tom Thibodeau as Coach of the Year and I say this by putting despite being a Chicago Bulls fan. With Derrick Rose missing 17 games, Richard Hamilton missing 35 games, C.J. Watson missing 17 games, and Luol Deng missing 7 games the Bulls still have the best record in the NBA, they are the first team in the NBA to clinch a playoff berth, and to add to him missing 7 games Luol Deng is far from 100% as he continues to play with a torn ligament in his wrist.

If Tom Thibodeau were to win Coach of the Year following this season he would be the first coach in NBA history to win the award in two consecutive years. That would not be the first record Tom Thibodeau broke this year either. Early in the month of March, Thibodeau became the fastest head coach to reach 100 wins. Thibodeau got his 100th win in just 130 games, passing former San Antonio Spurs guard Avery Johnson and former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson.



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