As a die hard Chicago Bulls fan it brings nothing more but joy to me to see my Bulls pounce on above .500 teams without the reigning MVP and the new acquisition in Richard Hamilton. The Bulls have the best record in the NBA, second best defense in the NBA. The only time the Bulls get publicity is when they are compared to the Heat, this annoys me. The Bulls and the Heat are two of the best teams in the NBA but everything the Bulls do, good or bad should not be compared to the Heat. I say this because I never hear the Heat compared to the Bulls. I guarantee if the Heat did not have two of their main players they would lose 50% of those games while the Bulls have a 38-10 record with Rose missing 14 games, Deng missing 9 games, Watson missing 17 games, Noah and Gibson missing 2 games, and Richard Hamilton missing 35 games. It is hard to root against a team that give their best effort no matter the circumstance.


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