I have never been the type to push for something like this but it is a problem that I have always had. People get fame for doing nothing nowadays, I mean what has Kourtney Kardashian done to be recognized anywhere? If she can become famous because her sister was taped having sex with a has-been R&B singer/actor then Joseph Kony needs to be famous for forcing children to join his army of assassins. When I say famous I do not mean celebrated. I mean known, known to the point where he cannot walk around without being noticed or without the police being notified. He has made over 3,000 children kill their parents and others. As Americans we have to stop thinking about what only goes on in our lives. To many of us after the 9/11 attacks we moved on with our lives, it should affect us more that people lost their family members in an unnatural manner.It is selfish to want sympathy and not give sympathy. By imprisoning Joseph Kony I truly believe humankind will change.


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