How important are first impressions?

I want my first impression to any reader to be a good one. In my first post I want to tell you all something about me so you will know what to expect from this blog. I am 21 years of age and I am currently enrolled in a junior college in a west-suburb of Chicago, Illinois. I am an aspiring journalist/ radio personality. I love debating about anything, from Biggie or 2Pac to Stones or Beatles to Kobe or LeBron. I am also a music junkie, I love hip-hop. Hip-Hop is, as cliche as it may sound, my first love. I listen to all sorts of genres now that I have developed friendships with all varieties of people. I am a sports fanatic. I am not the best athlete but I enjoy playing and watching basketball and football. As of recent I got into watching hockey, due to the Blackhawks winning in 2010.

On this blog I plan on critiquing music and movies, posting music/ music videos  that I enjoy, and writing about sporting events. I plan on giving my opinion on several topics. This will entail any and everything that I like. This blog will not be a journal, I will not be talking about what goes on in my everyday life because that would be annoying.



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